Three Email Security Myths Debunked

Posted by Deborah Galea / November 20, 2014

Although most organizations have email security systems in place, malware infections through email are still commonplace. An Osterman Research White Paper found that over a 12 month period, 64% of surveyed organizations experienced malware infections through email and 22% experienced an accidental or malicious leak of sensitive or confidential data through email. It seems that organizations are lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that since they have antivirus and email security in place they are immune to email attacks. However it is not quite time to sit back and relax yet.

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Deborah GaleaDeborah Galea is co-founder and COO of Red Earth Software based in Boulder, Colorado. Red Earth Software specializes in the development of email management software that helps companies ensure proper usage of their corporate email systems.

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Beware of the FW: Daily Report Email

November 19, 2014

A recent email scam (instances here and here) is slithering its way into networks and compromising organizations' email security. What differentiates this malware outbreak from other run-of-the-mill attacks is that it’s incredibly easy for users to fall prey to, due to the seemingly known source of the email.

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OPSWAT Market Share Report Highlights

November 19, 2014

OPSWAT periodically releases reports examining market share trends within the global antivirus community. The latest latest Market Share Report includes updated worldwide market share data for leading antivirus applications, as well as some new analysis of operating system configuration. The information provided within this report was collected using OPSWAT GEARS, a free device security tool that provides endpoint management and threat detection. 

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OPSWAT Releases Next Generation of OESIS SDK for Endpoint Posture Assessment and Remediation

November 18, 2014

OPSWAT today announced the release of the next generation of the OESIS Framework. The open development framework enables a variety of actions including detection, management, assessment and remediation of endpoints. With all this our leading OEMs now deliver enterprises even more state of the art vulnerability and risk management protection while ensuring both endpoint and network security compliance requirements are being monitored and enforced.

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Scan Larger Files with Metascan Online

Posted by Tony Berning / November 18, 2014

We are excited to announce several recent enhancements to our Metascan Online service.

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Next Generation of OESIS Now Powers GEARS

Posted by Adam Winn / November 17, 2014

The latest GEARS release includes a transition to the latest version of OESIS, UI for the GEARS client for Mac, and a newly created full featured status page. Make sure to login to your GEARS account to start exploring and taking advantage of all these exciting new features! 

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Adam is the product manager for the GEARS platform, and also works on a cloud Wi-Fi management system. His primary goal is to ensure OPSWAT products are meeting the manageability and security needs of its current and future customers. He is an avid researcher and enjoys solving technical challenges. 

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How to Create a Secure Data Workflow

November 14, 2014

Most IT professionals acknowledge the importance of maintaining a secure data workflow within their organization, but the operational challenges involved with the creation, implementation and maintenance of these policies can be daunting. The implementation of critical-path items can be delayed, or even abandoned, while configuration and integration issues are sorted out.

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Benny Czarny is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at OPSWAT. Benny has over 20 years of experience in the Computer and Network Security field. From the early days of computer viruses he was interested and involved in the fields of encryption, network operations, security vulnerabilities detection and research. 

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Enhance the Security of Your Firefox Browser

November 13, 2014

Mozilla recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Firefox 1.0 and to commemorate the birthday, why not download the Metascan Online extension to enhance the security of your browsing experience?

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Adding Multi-scanning to a Blue Coat Proxy

Posted by Tony Berning / November 11, 2014

We have previously discussed how to scan network traffic for malware by configuring the Metascan ICAP Server functionality for use with a Squid proxy server, and although Squid is used by many organizations and is a great open source proxy solution, the most widely-used commercial proxy is Blue Coat. So today we would like to talk about how the Metascan ICAP server can be used with a Blue Coat proxy to enable scanning of web traffic with multiple anti-malware engines.

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Tony manages the Metascan and Metadefender product lines at OPSWAT, working with customers and partners to deliver products that meet customers’ multi-scanning and security needs.

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Three Reasons to Stop Using HTTP Right Now

Posted by Adam Winn / November 10, 2014

What’s so important that we should all stop using HTTP, and demand a world where all content, including funny cat videos, is delivered with TLS encryption? Since the beginning of the Internet, cat videos have been vectors for laughter, film art, and warm fuzzy feelings. So why would you need an encrypted connection to watch this shareable content?

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Adam is the product manager for the GEARS platform, and also works on a cloud Wi-Fi management system. His primary goal is to ensure OPSWAT products are meeting the manageability and security needs of its current and future customers. He is an avid researcher and enjoys solving technical challenges. 

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